Music artist Reezy Runna is forging his way into the music business

The glamorous world always seems fascinating to us, but we don’t know the struggles behind the screens. Many artists fight many obstacles to reach the heights they desire. Many individuals give up their passion to gain stability in their life, but some juggle their work and their passion. Their determination is what helps them overcome all obstacles. Honestly, if someone is committed to making something, no one can stop them, and one of those inspiring artists is Reezy Runna.

Drawing inspiration from his struggles, life situations, and local artists in his town, South Carolinian singer Reezy Runna successfully released his debut album “Backend Business” under Marquee Music Group in late 2019. The album, which received over 11,000 Spotify plays. during the first week of release, was also featured on various top platforms such as Apple Music Hip-Hop home, Live X Live ‘Picks of the Week’ with Dj Radio Raymond-T, ‘Back’ magazine to Cali’ and The Coast News. The singer has also released a few singles named FMW ft Mondoe 2xx and Wait ft Quality Control musical artist Duke Deuce, Rich Before Rap, and recently he released his new single Vegan.

Reezy Runna, aka Joshua Allen, was born in Gaffney, South Carolina, he was not well versed, but he always had big dreams and aimed to lift himself and his loved ones out of poverty. Not only did he improve his musical skills, but with this he also opened his business called Wealth Club all over the United States. His company is in partnership with Umar Nasim and Quick Care. Besides that, the artist has a verified Spotify account where he shares his talent with the world. All his songs have been successfully listened to and in the future he will also fascinate his audience with new releases.

Speaking about his journey, Reezy Runna shares, “My journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m glad I never gave up, and today I can make my loved ones happy. My dream still continues; I will always be original and try to bring something new to my audience. Even when I collaborate with an artist, I make sure to vibrate with him to be able to offer the best to my listeners. My goal is to be verified on all platforms. Also, there’s this little piece of advice that I would like to give, and that is, one, you have to believe in yourself, and two, you have to know the business side of the entertainment industry.

Through his efforts and demonstrations, Reezy Runna has made a name for himself in the industry and lately he has even made headlines with his talent. The singer only aims to get up and up from here; all he wants to do is win people’s hearts by working with dedication to achieve his goals.