Music Artist Taylor Gray Talks Her New Song “Idiot” and the Digital Age

Taylor Grey. Photo credit: Ally Gillam

Music artist Taylor Gray talked about her new song “Idiot” and being part of the digital age.

As a recent graduate of Stanford University, Taylor Gray has become an inspiration to younger generations by learning her craft and working for her education, simultaneously.

She released her first studio album Space case in 2017 and his self-titled EP GREY, which was produced by Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein (Foster the People, Ellie Goulding) with executive producer Josh Abraham (Thirty Seconds to Mars, Weezer, P!nk). She has toured with Why Don’t We and Sabrina Carpenter, to name a few, and is now forging her own path with music.

Now she is releasing a new body of upcoming work and has released two singles. His latest is “Idiot” accompanied by an amazing music video that gets a boost.

About the new song “Idiot” and its musical style, she said, “It’s such a great release to finally share ‘Idiot’ with people and continue to rediscover my passion for music.”

“I tried to create a song that I felt shared some of my most isolated moments, but intertwined with the uplifting confidence I feel on the other side. Along with the meaning of ‘Idiot’, this song was the perfect opportunity to bring in elements of the edgy indie rock style music that I love to do,” she explained.

Regarding her music video reminiscent of 2000s indie pop hits showing Avril vibes, she explained her inspiration for the music video’s message, “The music video for ‘Idiot’ is really centered around the message that you are always stronger and more capable than you think, and never listen to anyone say otherwise. The provocative, coming-of-age moment the song chronicles couldn’t be better visualized than modeling the music video of ‘after the same songs that have inspired me in the past. Avril’s vibes are filled with grunge and angst but also poetic and emotional, which is exactly how I wanted the video to feel.

She acknowledged that she’s been keeping busy during the pandemic with social media trends and has jumped on the bandwagon of digital life hacks. “Yeah, I follow everything on social media especially and I love TikTok. I definitely watch all the trends, so keep an eye on my channel because you’ll see some fun stuff soon,” he said. she declared.

Of her future plans, Gray said, “Anything music-related! I love that music never fails to bring people together and from an early age it was clear to me that I wanted to share my passion for music and performance with others so that’s what I keep doing. Building more relationships through social media interaction and things like that also became a major focus for me. I look forward to continuing to share my passions with you and more updates to come!

The song “Idiot” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. “I’d like to thank my fans for supporting me from day one and you’ll see a lot more coming from me. Let’s connect on social media!” she said.

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