Music: Fans of Tool Anger, Lynyrd Skynyrd Airbnb, Limp Bizkit, and more!

Tool Anger Fans with Special Vinyl Release Award

Tool has angered his fans by announcing plans to sell an ultra-deluxe vinyl version of his 2019 album “Fear Inoculum” for $810.

The album will only be available to fans who have purchased Toolarmy’s VIP tickets for their upcoming tour dates. For $810, the collection includes five 180-gram vinyl records, with music on one side and engraved art on the other. The sets were also autographed.

The band announced it on their Instagram account. While fans have expressed excitement about owning the Tool vinyl, many are annoyed by the high price tag. One person commented on the band’s Instagram post, “Do you have any chance of having a non-silly variant too, you know, just being able to listen on a record player?”

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Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant’s childhood home is now an Airbnb

All LYNYRD SKYNYRD fan is going to have to put Jacksonville, Florida on his to-do list. Singer RONNIE VAN’s childhood home ZANT and his brothers is now listed as a Airbnb.

Of course, Ronnie’s brothers are the CURRENT lead singer of Skynyrd JOHNNY VAN ZANT and Donnie Van Zant from .38 SPECIAL.

The Van Zant House has a plaque on the front for being an official heritage site. And if you book it, that’s what you’ll get: Heritage. Because they are restoring it to what it looked like in the 70s.. . including a 1938 Brunswick pool table and memorabilia.

So don’t expect too many modern amenities. . . except for Wi-Fi. It sleeps up to six with 3 bedrooms and one and a half baths. . . and it costs $236 a night.

In one interview 2018Johnny said, quote, “This house was our life, this neighborhood was our neighborhood… We all learned to play drums in this house [and] how to swing on the swing there. . . that’s where we learned to sing.”

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Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox cover the Smashing Pumpkins ball with butterfly wings

The video is part of the couple’s weekly Sunday Lunch series

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Return of Florence & The Machine Tease

Florence the machine teased an expected return, sending letters and cards to fans marked “Chapter 1.”

This weekend, a Florence & The Machine fan account on Twitter shared teaser photos sent to a fan in the post.

The teaser comes in the form of a pink envelope, which features the inscription: “Florence + The Machine: Chapter 1”, while inside is a playing card with Florence on the front and the word “KING”. The Twitter post is captioned “coming soon”.

The band are set to make their live comeback this summer, playing a host of European festival sets.

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