Music Studio Making ‘Joyful Noise’ in Downtown Longview | Local News

Kimberly Weinert’s music studio did more “Joyful Noise” than she bargained for.

Weinert is a former elementary school music teacher who quit her job at New Diana ISD after eight years, when she and her husband began having children.

“I really wanted to stay home,” she said of the decision to start offering piano lessons from her home under the name Joyful Noise Piano Lessons. “My husband and I talked about it, prayed.”

They determined that she would need to have 20 piano students to make up for the loss of her teaching income.

“It seemed like overnight I already had so many people signed up,” Weinert said. By the end of the first year, she had 40 piano students and a waiting list. That’s when she hired another piano teacher to join her studio, and another, and another. What is now Joyful Noise Music Studio outgrew his house and moved, then moved again as it continued to expand. The company added more teachers of different types of instruments as it grew.

Weinert’s Joyful Noise Music Studio recently moved to downtown Longview at 208 N. Fredonia St., where Copper Tree Retreat Massage and Med Spa was previously located. He moved to another building downtown.

Joyful Noise Music Studio Tuesday, August 30, 2022, on N. Fredonia St. (Les Hassell/News-Journal Photo)

“The layout was exactly what I needed,” Weinert said, as the building was already divided into “lots of individual rooms” and didn’t need any renovations. She likes being downtown, however, as the studio can be part of ArtWalk and parents can enjoy downtown Longview while waiting for their children.

The music studio now employs more than a dozen piano, violin, voice, guitar, flute, percussion and ukulele teachers. They offer classes every weekday at a studio that now has 235 students.

“The Lord has blessed us greatly,” Weinert said. “We’re just a little impressed really.”

She said the music studio setup is beneficial for families because someone with three children, for example, can schedule piano lessons with three different teachers at the same time. This way they are done in 30 minutes, instead of the hour and a half it would normally take a single teacher to spend 30 minutes with each child. Parents can schedule lessons for their kids who are interested in different instruments without having to travel to more than one location, but the studio teaches music lessons “for students of all ages and skill levels,” according to its website.

For more information, visit or call (903) 932-2002.