My morning jacket debuts at the Westville Music Bowl [Photos/Videos]

My morning jacket traveled to New Haven, CT on Friday for a set at Westville Music Bowl. The former tennis stadium played host to the psych-pop rockers for the first time as the band wraps up a lengthy headlining tour that began in April.

After a first performance of Joy Oladokun, My Morning Jacket delivered what would ultimately amount to a 17-song main set. Among fan favorites like the two parts of “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream” that served as the second and penultimate songs, “One Big Holiday”, “Gideon”, the closing “Wordless Chorus”, and more still there jim jamesThe directed outfit gave their 2021 self-titled album some love with the show’s opener “Regularly Scheduled Lineup” as well as “Never in the Real World” and “Least Expected.” The main set also included the first “Lowdown” of 2022, with the At dawn track making its first appearance since 11/05/21by

My Morning Jacket then closed the show with a four-song encore, starting with a double dose of Bad impulses with “Smokin’ From Shootin'” followed by the title track from the 2008 album. The show then ended with a heavyweight double with “Dancefloors” and finally “Phone Went West”.

Check out a photo gallery of My Morning Jacket at the Westville Music Bowl on Friday Courtesy of the photographer David Grayas well as a collection of videos taken by fans of btragal. The band’s tour continues tomorrow, September 19, in Charlottesville, VA. For tickets and a full list of dates, head here.

My Morning Jacket recently announced a triple live album, MMJ Live Volume 2. The sequel to last year’s MMJ live 2015 will feature selections from the band’s three-night tour at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater from November 4 to 6, 2022. MMJ Live Vol. 2 is available for Pre-order on 3LP translucent vinyl.

set list: My morning jacket | Westville Music Bowl | New Haven, Connecticut | 09/16/22

Set: Regular Lineup, Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1, First Light, What a Wonderful Man, One Big Holiday, Where to Begin, Climbing the Ladder, Lay Low, Gideon, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Never in the Real World, Lowdown, Circuital, Least Expected, Off The Record, Touch Me I’m Gonna Scream Pt. 2, Wordless Chorus

Encore: Smokin’ From Shootin’, Evil Urges, Dancefloors, Phone Went West