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Nadine Chandelier28 years old, was one of Carefree music artists met on June 20, 2022. That day, the label co-founded by Jacques Reid29, has officially signed his two new artists Liza Soberano24, and Issa Pressman in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

During my one-on-one interview with Luster, I didn’t want to ask her questions she had already answered or questions she expected to be asked that day. I had several questions in my list but I was only given 5 minutes so I decided to ask 3 in 1 questions and dedicate them to his passionate fans who consider his words their guide to life.

Nadine Chandelier

I asked Luster about his non-negotiables when it comes to relationships, friendships, and work relationships. When it comes to love, his requirement is quite simple: effort.

Lustre is not looking for a lover who promises her the stars and the moon. She just wants someone who exerts effort equal to the effort she exerts.

When it comes to friendships, Luster sees betrayal as a deciding factor. She said to me, “I hate being betrayed.”

“I don’t always talk … or share secrets with people I’m not very close to,” Luster continued. “It has to be someone who I am, someone who really looks like someone I trust.”

Nadine Luster, Conan Altatis
Nadine Luster, Conan Altatis

For Luster, once the trust is broken, the friendship is over. When it comes to labor relations, dealing with people who don’t respect other people’s time is one of his pet peeves.

These people are inconsiderate, Luster said. As a musician, she doesn’t want to work with a collaborator who just controls everything instead of really collaborating.


Although Luster didn’t mention equality, that was the keyword I got from that interview. It’s a simple but very important lesson that her fans should learn from her.

Don’t settle for a lover whose efforts don’t match yours.

Don’t be friends with people who can’t keep your secrets like you keep theirs.

Don’t work with people who don’t respect your time the way you respect theirs.

Do not collaborate with collaborators who refuse a 50-50 collaboration.

Before the interview, Luster performed his song “Wait for meonstage. Careless Music released the song on October 29, 2021.

On October 31, 2020, Careless Music released Luster’s debut studio album titled “wildest dreams“. The album has 12 songs including “Complicated Love” featuring Red.