New background music unveiled for the Entrance Esplanade of the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

On November 7, guests visiting the Walt disney Park of the studios in Disneyland Paris heard new music as they walked to the park. A new musical loop has been unveiled for the entrance to the second Disneyland Paris park. The loop is inspired by the experiences visitors will have once inside the park. This includes music from Frozen, Toy Story, Marvel movies and more!

Music is such an important part of the Disney experience both in the movies and in the parks. As part of the ongoing transformation of waltz disney studio, Walt Disney Imagineering composed this new collection of musical pieces to welcome visitors as they enter the park via the Place des Frères Lumière.

Mike Fracassi, Senior Music Producer at Walt Disney Imagineering, recently sat down and shared about the new music guests can now experience at Walt Disney Studios.

Can you lift the curtain on the process of creating new background music for one of our amusement park and what is your role in this process?

We first ask how can music support the storytelling and emotion of the environment and experience? What is the music supposed to accomplish and how do we want our guests to feel in the space?

When Tom Fitzgerald, Portfolio Creative Executive, and John Dennis, Executive Creative Director, asked me to work on the new background music program for the Place des Frères Lumière, I was immediately enthusiastic, because I had set up the original music programs for the entire park. in 2002. It has been a privilege to support the Parisian parks all these years, and the Walt Disney Studios Park was one of my first projects at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Tom had a good vision of what the music wanted to accomplish. From there, I started gathering musical ideas and creating a playlist for exam. We then continued to refine the playlist selections and sequence to make everything work and sound good. One of our editors, Megan Duncan, did a great job shaping the sequence so that the different themes worked well together.

Many stories have come to life over the years at Walt Disney Studios Park, how do you ultimately choose the right instrumental cues from those stories that will match the mood you’re trying to create?

The park entrance plaza is the first impression of our unique celebration of cinema at Walt Disney Studios Park. The park has grown and evolved with so many new stories and characters, it was time for the entrance music to reflect the park today…and peek into the future.

New entrance music is an exciting and energetic opening to your experience, celebrating the characters and stories found in the park. We’ve chosen familiar and memorable themes to help build anticipation and excitement for what awaits you on the other side of Disney Studio 1. On any given walk through the Plaza, you can hear an endearing theme from a Disney or Pixar movie, or a themed epic from a Marvel movie.

The park is undergoing an incredible transformation and we are using music to take our guests on the journey.

What’s your favorite song that you can’t wait to hear in the park?

This is an unfair question! There are so many great soundtrack themes in Plaza’s new background music, but few are as invigorating as The Avengers.

This new background music can now be heard when Guests enter Walt Disney Studios Park through La Place des Frères Lumière. Are you excited about this? What do you think of what Mike Fracassi had to say about it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!