New keyboards are like a portable music studio for students at Sherwood Elementary

Some students at Sherwood Elementary in P.E.I. will receive new keyboards for their music class.

They’re called MIDI controllers, and they produce hundreds of electronic sounds that mimic instruments.

“I think it’s fun to mix electronics and music and I think it makes music a lot more fun,” said 6th grader Sam Dunn.

Haris Miao, left, and Sam Dunn with their MIDI controllers outside Sherwood Elementary. (Laura Meader/CBC)

They are like a portable group, said Haris Miao, another student.

“Like a mini keyboard, like a mini piano with a drum pad on it. You can do a lot of things on it,” he said.

Students learn the basics of piano, but when MIDI is connected to a computer, they are like mini music studios, allowing students to mix and record as they see fit.

“They can change the notes, they can change the speed, they can add layers so they can add track one, second track two, or track three and mix it all together to make a song,” said music teacher Nicole Waite. .

Headphones make it easy for kids to focus on the music they’re creating and allow them to “focus on their own sound without having to hear everyone in the room at the same time”.

“I love seeing them bring this program home”

But these MIDI controllers aren’t just children’s toys, she said.

“Home recording is something that so many artists are doing and it’s becoming readily available and easier to use, so I think it’s a skill that young people can use in their own lives in the future.”

Nicole Waite was thrilled her grant application was approved as it gets kids excited about music, she says. (Laura Meader/CBC)

The class will soon number 25 students thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Canada Post Community Foundation.

Waite was thrilled her request was approved because it inspires kids to music, she said.

“I think my favorite thing about it is how excited the students are, and I love seeing them take this program home and want to continue their music at home outside of school. .”