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Courtesy photoPhil Hipskind has been playing music for 40 years and producing it for 20 years. He recently opened Dreamweaver Music Studio in Ferdinand.


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FERDINAND — Tucked away in a cozy, dimly lit room on the second floor of the J. Herman Building in Ferdinand, Phil Hipskind turns people’s audio dreams into reality.

A native of Wabash, Indiana, recently retired, he has been performing music of all styles for 40 years and producing music for 20 years. He currently performs with his partner, Leah Robling, in the duo Turquoise Dream. Both currently reside in Derby. Earlier this year, he decided to broaden his hobby – he made his career teaching English and US history, most recently in Bloomington – by opening Dreamweaver Music Studio, a small music studio. recording at Ferdinand where Hipskind plans to help artists of all kinds record their work. .

“I always told Leah that I wanted to be a Dream Weaver,” he said. “I want to help people create their musical ideas.”

Whether you’re a singer/songwriter wanting to record your first tracks, a writer with poetry or a short story you want to record, or someone with an idea you want to turn into something more, Hipskind is here to help. His first goal, he said, is to make people feel welcome and to give them a safe space to express their ideas and be creative. That’s why he set up his studio to feel like someone’s living room, complete with a plush sofa and coffee table. Along one wall are his computer and sound card, the blank canvas where he creates what he calls “audio paintings”. It also has a synthesizer which can imitate any instrument. This piece helps him create the songs and sounds he hears in his head as his clients perform or speak their piece.

“As a music producer, I hear things,” he said. “So maybe somebody’s playing their guitar, and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, that could really use strings here.”

Her second goal is to make her creative space as accessible to people as possible. In addition to recording services, it also offers guitar lessons and a free monthly singer-songwriter circle on the third Thursday at 6 p.m. where artists can test out their gear.

“I personally think poetry and music is something you need to share,” he said.

Although still in its infancy, Hipskind envisions the singer/songwriter circle as a place where people can contribute fully developed songs or just a few lines of a poem or a few seconds of music for feedback from individuals. sharing the same ideas to perfect their art.

“I think we’re all creative in different ways,” he said. “I try to encourage people and bring out the best in them.”

More importantly, Hipskind wants people to understand that his recording studio is for everyone, not just professional musicians. If you’re someone who needs help developing an idea, want to record your poetry or family stories to pass on to your kids, or someone with a few songs you want to improve, Dreamweaver Music Studio is for you. you.

“I’m very lucky to be able to write songs and record them on the computer,” he said. “People have these ideas, and I can help them create them and pass them on to their families.”

Dreamweaver Music Studio is open by appointment. Hipskind can be reached at 812-929-2204.