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Bell X1 and dowry strings just got out “The Light Catches Your Face”which will appear on their next album Living in St Luke, which is slated for release on November 25. The song originally appeared on the bell X1 album blue lights on the track and has been reinvented with a new arrangement by Éna Brennan of Dowry Strings.

scullion also recently released a new album, Time has made a change in me, with Crash Ensemble, Conor O’Brien (Villager) and Gemma Doherty (Holy Sister).

On September 29, the alt-pop musician from Dublin Padraig Cooney releases his first album centuries of learning through the Strange Brew label; Moving statuesthe electronic/noise-pop duo of Brian Kelly and Keith Wallace, released their debut album this month PE The wonders will never end on the Rusted Rail label; and pianist and singer Síle Ní Dhubhghail, playing the role of This throatrecently released their debut album PE I sent him to die, a record five lo-fi ballad titles.

Subject Folders just released two new albums, including Sea shanties sessions – a collection of British maritime folksongs and sea shanties by Jon Boden, Seth Lakeman, Ben Nicholls, Emily Portman and Jack Rutter; and songs of sorrow (Black British Experience Folk Songs) by Cornwall folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Angeline Morrisson. It is Morrison’s first album with Topic Records and was produced by Eliza Carthy.

American folk musician based in Ireland Rhiannon Giddens just published a picture book, To build a home, with Candlewick Press which is inspired by and contains the lyrics of a song of the same name Giddens recorded with Yo-Yo Ma. A newly recorded version of ‘To build a home‘ with Ma and Francesco Turrisi was also released on Nonesuch Records.

Mosaics and sketches is the new recording of the harpist Cliona Doris and explores the chamber music for harp of Irish composer Brian Boydell written from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Also released in recent weeks is ‘No kidding‘, a new hip hop and afrobeat track from chris kabs with JyellowL; ‘Solas‘ by the pianist of Monaghan Jamie Duffy; ‘ILY2‘ by an indie-pop band NewDad; Amplifythe new album by Ham sandwich; and ‘The ears are erect‘, the Dundalk singer-songwriter’s latest single David Keenan which will appear in the next album Rawslated for release in November.

Solas Faoithine is the new album by the traditional singer and multi-instrumentalist from Derry Jack Warnock; and ‘Breathe‘ is the Meath singer-songwriter’s debut single Siobhan McAleese. folk group Ispíni na hÉireann also shared a new single ‘Please don’t start the fun‘, with a video showcasing recent protests by Cobblestone pubs, ahead of the release of their debut album hard working menwhich is scheduled for release on October 28.

To finish, John Spillane just released a new album In another light; post punk band Gilla Group have published The most normal; and Invisible Resistors is the new recording of improvised works for piano and violin/viola by Izumi Kimura and Cora Venus Lunny.

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