Nigeria: I love recording soul-lifting songs – Blue Sky Music artist Damilolah

Aspiring Nigerian singer Damilolah, in this interview, he shares his experience growing up, his style of music and other interesting questions.

Can we meet you?

My name is David Samuel Atundaolu, better known as DAMILOLAH. I am a native of Osun State, born and raised in Plateau State. I come from a family of six, settling on second place.

What prompted you to get into music?

The peace I get every time I listen to music brings the music into it. Music is my best friend. I listen to music to help me manage my business or activities well. The peace I get from music is what I want to give.

How would you describe the music you usually create?

I love recording ‘soultouching Melody’. An influential sound of peace that reflects my unique personality.

Do you think your music has mainstream/commercial appeal?


What challenges do you face as an independent artist?

I faced a lot of challenges as a freelance artist. A do-it-yourself paradise and managing yourself and your craft can be tedious at times, but passion keeps us going.

Does being an independent artist make it harder to gain acceptance in the music industry?

Partly because you will have to create the opportunity you need to be accepted in the industry.

If you could change one thing about the Nigerian music industry, what would it be?

Breaking musical outfits that make it difficult for the up-and-coming artist not to show off their talents.

Career-wise, what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t lose hope in me as Ann’s art maker. I have to stay focused and not think about money when pushing my trade.

You have the looks and the voice. How do you manage your fans? Female fans, in particular.

Meh!!! Lol. This is the hardest part. Almost every female fan wants a piece of me. I’ve turned them down countless times in the most polite way and some conclude I have an attitude.

So I decided to take them as friends (friend zone them) rather than pushing them away.

What would you do now, if not music?

I would have been a good basketball player, a computer engineer and a great entrepreneur.

Which artists are you most likely to collaborate with as soon as possible?

I will collaborate with BOC, Auxboy, Freezlinks, Star Bright, Ice GEO, Empero, Marksheddy and a few others.

Tell us about the single “Dont Vibe”. Why did you do it?

I remembered a scene which had occurred between my lady and me. She came to visit me in a bad mood and I tried to talk her out of it but it was hard. I sang and she smiled. The words that came out were “Just dance while I sing since we can’t rock love”. That was it.

Tell us about your Recordz “Blue Sky Music”?

Blue Sky Music is a family for me because they have been the best source for me as an independent actor. BSM is home to good and extraordinary acts like me. The record has been through a lot to get me and a few others to where we are right now.

Listening to your music, it is easy to guess that you are a boy in love.

Oh yeah! I am a boy in love.. I like to love and to be loved.

How do you think the internet has affected your music?

The internet has given me the power to produce, upload and promote my sound to a wider audience. It gave people more access to discover what I do best, music.

What is the worst problem that music has caused you?

Family. I had to do things against my father’s wishes and kept late nights just for this dream.

Music can be a good tool to ensure good governance. How were you able to influence your society with your music?

During times of tension and conflict between people, a street performance is held to bring people together under an umbrella of peace and unity.

What do you think of the role Nigerian musicians have played during the recent chaos in Nigeria?

I think they are trying. The likes of Burna Boy and Davido. They do a lot to help people forget what the country is going through right now.