Official Genius: Becoming Nigeria’s Greatest Musical Artist, My Dream

Music Artist, Songwriter and Producer, Uyiosa Ikponmwosa Samson, popularly known as Official Genius, talks about his journey in the entertainment industry and his projects

At first

It must be a tough course and I kept pushing and praying to God every day nonstop, I feel like he planned my path and I just followed him and here I am at the top. I certainly go even further because I see myself leaving a huge footprint in Africa and the world in general; I have always dreamed of closing shows in America, Asia, Europe and other continents and enjoying the love of my supporters as well.
It all started when I was performing in churches as a gospel artist, then moved on to perform in nightclubs, shows around me, auditions, talent hunts and many more. I used to work hard because there were few jobs knowing I was young. So I used to work in building and construction sites, farms, car washes just to earn money to pay for my studio sessions, and for promotions of the music I was releasing then and so many other expenses, I loved networking with musical artists, producers and other people who would help me take music to the next level, I also had the support of my girlfriend MAI, she m ‘supported me financially, emotionally when I was down and also connected me with people who played a huge role in building me up and taking my sound globally. It hasn’t been easy from the start, but consistency, hard work and conviction has gotten me this far and will take me further.


Finances were a big challenge for me because I was very young when I decided to pursue my dreams and my parents were against me doing music because of their cultural beliefs; they saw it as a way to indulge in immorality, so I had to find a way to earn money to pay for my studio sessions and other expenses by doing hard work.

A part worked in building and construction sites, farmyards, car washing and some others. Although I spent several hours there, I was paid little. I was young but I worked with adults, I saw myself as a man so I kept pushing, I continued and I believed.

Your point of sale

I am also a musical artist, songwriter and producer. So far I have composed 27 songs from my 2020 single ERIMA, to my 6 song EP titled HELICON and my 21 song debut album titled KAMIKAZE with artists from different parts of the world like USA, the UK, South Africa, Jamaica and Nigerian artists who I’ve worked with, I know I’m giving it my all to make sure I release very stunning music.

Fan Tips

First find the right path, then give it your all, never give up, work hard to grow and above all believe in yourself because I realized when I arrived that only a few or none would believe in you until what you believe in yourself first and take your career to the next level is where people will start to believe in your dreams. So when people don’t believe in you, believe in yourself and keep pushing.

What success means to you

For me, it’s about reaching a goal, setting goals and objectives that I believe everyone has their own.

Next step

Becoming the biggest music artist in Nigeria and one of the biggest in the world has been what keeps me going and I also want to bring my own label to life, Smootha Ent., where I will sign up and come from talented music artists and other artists as well as making my Genius Brandings clothing line a global name. Instagram & Twitter @_officialgenius website: and also discover my sounds on various streaming platforms with Official Genius.