Okilly Dokilly at the Motorco Music Hall in Durham, North Carolina

Serious fun and really good music delivered by some really crazy individuals with a serious craze for an animated television legend.

Opening band Steaksauce Mustache described their music as “chaotic partycore” and they’ve been compared to well-known artists such as Andrew WK who put everything they had and more into their performance. These descriptions are true, to the point where the band polarized the audience to such an extent that half the audience was enjoying themselves like never before and the other half was drifting further and further away from the completely unforeseen craziness unfolding in front of their eyes. .

Steaksauce Mustache played with hard, punk rock speed and ferocity. Even the band’s cover of Vanessa Carlton’s hit “1000 Miles” raged. Okilly Dokilly made a fantastic choice having Steaksauce Mustache as an opener. High-octane, full-contact hard rock prepared every Flan-Durham neighbor for rehabilitation once again.

Okilly Dokilly is the only “Netal” band in the world, an ironic but very intense metal band with an image and lyrics based on Ned Flanders of The simpsons. The band took the stage at Motorco Music Hall and conducted perhaps their final “rehab” in Durham, North Carolina, as the band announced an indefinite hiatus after that. Tourdilly Do ’22 Tour concludes. The tour was postponed for two years due to COVID-19 cancellations and Okilly Dokilly was clearly excited and grateful to be on stage and performing in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.

The Motorco Music Hall is a delightfully small venue with no separation between band and audience. Okilly Dokilly and Steaksauce Mustache leaned in to connect with the audience, often to the point of performing offstage and on audience members’ laps more often than onstage. The lack of physical barriers turned the evening into a crazy and incredibly enjoyable collective mosh pit of band members, audience and more balloons and pool noodles than you’ll see at most 10th birthday parties. years.

Okilly Dokilly takes a large majority of their lyrics directly from Ned Flanders quotes. Dressed in their best green sweaters over pink collared shirts, well-groomed mustaches and matching round glasses, the band channeled Ned’s worldly wisdom and charm into hard-and-heavy Netal classics. Opening with “Reneducation” before reminding us to eat our “Vegetables” and how adorable the “Purple Drapes” are. “Godspeed Little Doodle” brought the audience to maximum intensity for the evening. Being a Simpsons nerd wasn’t a requirement to enjoy this show, their sludge/doom/death metal sound was tight and heavy throughout the night.

Lead singer Head Ned matches Harry Shearer’s TV vocal performance almost perfectly. The authenticity of Head Ned’s vocals combined with the well-rehearsed interaction between the band members made for a hugely entertaining show. To the band’s credit, their musical ability is as strong as their acting ability. Each party member is named after a variant such as Red Ned or Bloodshed Ned. Chief Ned was clearly responsible for this collection of schizophrenic personality fragments from deep within Ned Flander’s psyche.

Okilly Dokilly set a shining example for all other niche musical groups that it is possible to go all-in on the schtick and deliver a high quality performance as well.

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