Perth pop artist O’Neill Fernandes reaches out to more listeners with his creativity in ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.2’

“A Mother’s Love…Vol.2”, an album was released by Perth Pop music artist, O’Neill Fernandes. The brilliant presentation gathered more ears.

O‘Neil Fernandes, the famous pop musician has amazed all his listeners with his outstanding soundtracks. Of all the musicians, he is the one I admire. His brilliant music tracks not only appealed to me, but they did the same to other music enthusiasts. His unique way of presenting covers made him different from all musicians.

This independent artist composes, records and produces the soundscape on his own. This artist was so appreciated by listeners for his incredible knowledge of synchronizing music with subtle harmonic instrumentals. He’s getting a lot of attention for his latest album. “A Mother’s Love…Vol.2”.

This Perth pop music artist gave many songs during his musical career. But the musician gets more recognition for the album “A Mother’s Love…Vol.2” for presenting it in such a compelling way and composing such outstanding soundscapes.

It has 21 brilliant songs, but two of them won more hearts. The songs are “Genie With The Light Brown Lamp” and “Il Mondo”. His talent for making intriguing instrumental music made them more appealing. I love this artist for his variety of deliverance. He tries a lot of things and experiments with his creations. All his songs are available on SoundCloud and Youtube. Visit the profile to listen to them and I would recommend everyone to follow O’Neill Fernandes on Facebook to learn more about his upcoming projects.

Listen and enjoy this album, click on the link below: