Petersburg’s Lakemont Elementary School Unveils ‘Dream Lab’ Music Studio

PETERSBURG, Va. (WWBT) – Lakemont Elementary School has unveiled the “Dream Lab,” helping to expand opportunities for students.

The Dream Lab was introduced at a groundbreaking ceremony on June 9.

Students will be able to create music, write songs, and learn how to use sound equipment in the Dream Lab while learning about the STEM Road Map curriculum.

The new class hits all the right notes with students who got to test out the room.

“I was like ‘wow’ when I saw it,” Gabriel Dabney said. “I like the cool colors and gear. It’s like the stuff the artist records on,” Dereon Johnson said.

dream lab(State schools of the city of Petersburg)

The Dream Lab is an interactive music studio that teaches music production to students. Students will be able to create music, write songs and learn to use sound equipment.

“They will learn aspects of DJing, sound recording and engineering as well as video editing,” said CIS site coordinator Irving Jennings.

The school says students’ enthusiasm for academics begins in elementary school and this new program allows them to explore more than just their basic studies.

“When they’re excited, they want to come to school and with this opportunity, we believe they will want to come and participate,” said Principal Moseley of Lakemont Elementary.

The Dream Lab was created by Lakemont teachers in partnership with Communities In Schools.

The lab originally started as an idea to become a production mentorship program, but it has evolved into a recording studio that gets students thinking about the future.

“Anything they can dream of, we want to make sure it’s a vision for them,” Principal Moseley said.

“Kids tell you all the time that the way to connect with them is through technology and music, so it all happens all at once,” Jennings said. “So they can use it now and in their future.”

Although this is just a demonstration for Dereon Johnson and Gabriel Dabney, they are excited about the new school year.

“It feels good because we have a lot of support from people who care about us,” Dabney said. “A lot of people are cheering us on.”

The Dream Lab will be available full-time for students starting next school year in September.

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