R&B and Soul Music artist Shelia Moore-Piper has released her new track “Love Is A Beautiful Thing”

With a haunting voice and smooth lyrical prowess, artist Christian Soul Shelia MoorePiper released their brand new track ‘love is a beautiful thing‘.

music artist Shelia MoorePiper released their brand new track soulful ‘Love is a beautiful thing’, which offers listeners a refreshing experience of R&B and Christian Soul music. The artist’s unique presentation style in his new track will surely attract many music lovers around the world. The meaning of true love has been well known from the lyrics of the track. The artist’s soulful voice mixed with soothing background music can fill every heart with love. The mix of genres in his latest track showcases his talent as a musical artist.

From Houston, USA, Shelia MoorePiper has perfectly mastered her craft and has become a true genius in her work. The artist Christian Soul and R&B has been associated with music for a very long time and has imagined productions capable of engaging a large audience. The artist is quite diverse with her talent, as she spans a variety of styles. The artist often uses soul and jazz nuances. It also offers groovy punk music with light touches of Motown and disco. The artist believes in including a universal message of adoration, self-love and hope in his music.

The artist penetrates the hearts of the audience with his magical works and fills the ears of all listeners around the world with his soulful melody. With its versatility, the artist’s voice is able to match any genre of music. She has always lived up to the expectations of her fans around the world and has come up with productions that deserve applause. Some of his works include tracks like “Let’s Celebrate”, “ITS TIME” and many more.

His latest work ‘Love is a beautiful thing’ symbolizes the amount of hard work, dedication and energy she put in. With the soulful and haunting voice of the artist, the track has all the required elements. The mixing and songwriting style is top notch and really sets her apart from other artists. The instruments played in the track, especially the guitar tunes, match the whole beat of the track and make it one of a kind. Listen to his latest track available on all major music streaming platforms. To follow Shelia MoorePiper to sound cloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Twitter, Facebookand sheliamoorepiper.com to get all the latest updates you will need regarding its upcoming releases and more.

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