Renowned music artist DJ Annsh talks about his journey in the music industry

Over the past few years, India has witnessed the rise of many talents working in a plethora of sectors. However, the question that needs to be asked is whether all have been successful in life. Well, definitely not! Only a few of them have been rare gems who have totally stunned people with the kind of momentum and energy they have created around them through their hard work, turning into true inducing professionals more hope and positivity. The world of music is a world of its own, which has given birth to countless talented beings in the form of singers, songwriters, rappers, DJs, entertainers, and more. One of those exceptional names is DJ Annsh, who through his groovy remixes has influenced people.

The virtuoso has performed in various genres including Bollywood, Punjabi, Hip Hop and Commercial House music. DJ Annshtalking about his journey and the transformation of the music industry, answers some questions posed to him.

Q1) What made you pursue your career in the music industry as a DJ?

Since childhood, I have a passion and a penchant for music. I always saw people partying and celebrating, enjoying their happiness and that inspired me to pursue my career as a Disc Jockey. I spent most of the time listening to songs and expanding my music collection. Making people vibrate to your music and spreading happiness is something I’ve admired and always dreamed of. That’s what made me feel like I should be a DJ.

Q2) How did you start your career as a Disc Jockey?

I started my music career in my home town of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. My journey started by hosting shows featuring remixes and self-made albums containing EDM music every weekend. Slowly I got a warm response from the audience as they loved my groovy remixes and it boosted my confidence. Later I started performing in various fancy nightclubs in several Indian cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. It improved my skills to play the bridge.

Q3) What accomplishments make you proud of your decision to enter the music industry?

Well, in all humility, I had the opportunity to play in many concerts and I believe that there is still a lot to do in the future. What makes me happy is that I had the opportunity to do a multi-city tour in five clubs in ten days. The clubs were Zouk Club in Raipur, Sheesha Lounge in Bhopal, Bottle Sportsbar in Bhubaneswar, Four More Shots in Indore and Drinx exchange in Indore. Apart from that, I also successfully hosted a private event in Bangalore.

Q4) Tell us about some of your hits that became a hit and made people totally gaga?

Luckily, in that short amount of time, I managed to create some of the hottest remixes that drove people crazy. Le Gayi Le GayivsPhut Hon Mashup, DJ AnnshKarGayiChull Remix, DJ Annsh SadiGaliMashup, DJ AnnshSoorajDoobaHaivs Something Just Like This Mashup are some of my hits that have received huge recognition and support from music lovers. From the release of my EDM music album “Invaders” to the exclusive presentation of my self-created remixes and covers on Radio Mirchi’s (Club Mirchi) show 98.3, the journey has been great for me.

Q5) What is your success mantra and are there any specific tips you would like to share with budding DJs?

For me, there is nothing called a ‘Success Mantra’. Hard work, riding, passion and zeal for learning are some important virtues in life if you want to succeed in this competitive landscape. One piece of advice I would like to give to budding DJs is that understanding and having a sense of understanding music, beats and melodies will help you further elevate your skills. Finally, interacting with the audience is important so you can understand the vibe and mood of the crowd and play the song accordingly.

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