Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Matched ERL Outfits at LA Music Studio

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are back in Los Angeles after a long trip to New York partying together and spending time with their newborn baby. Maybe the pair are even working on music together, or at least that’s what their recent joint music studio visit seems to hint at.

On Sept. 15, Rocky and Rihanna were spotted together on an overnight trip to the same studio Rocky and his friends were recently frequenting, suggesting that new tracks from the A$AP team are on the way.

At the very least, we might get some new Rocky features, which is nothing to complain about.

Rocky and Rihanna have been surprisingly visible together for the past few weeks. We’ve mostly had radio silence from the power couple for most of the summer, as they’ve mostly been seen individually on the occasional run, but have been booked and busy lately, due to the recent spate of appearances.

Although Rihanna had a few girls’ nights out, she joined her boyfriend for the NYFW party hosted by A$AP Rocky’s whiskey brand Mercer + Prince.

Afterwards, the couple hit up a series of after parties and similar shindigs, soaking up the nightlife in a way that’s quite unusual for typical newbord parents.

On the other hand, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are anything but typical, so it checks out.

Their joint visit to the music studio took place at night, probably after the baby had gone to bed. Rocky and Rihanna were paired up in a complementary ERL — Rihanna clutched the LA designer’s puffer bag and Rocky wore his custom ERL shirt — which makes sense, given Rocky’s close relationship with founder Eli Russell Linnetz.

Adorably, the pair also wore complementary pairs of aged Nikes, with Rocky in retro runners and Rihanna sporting AMBUSH’s white Nike Adjust Force.

Rocky grabbed a Goyard clutch and Rihanna continued to wear sunglasses at night, proving once again that these folks aren’t your typical parents: they’re super stylish celebrities and we plebs just can’t. compare.

In particular, Rocky has recently stepped up his style game, perhaps in an effort to follow Rihanna’s ever effortless mastery of post-streetwear cool.

As for the music they might have made, who knows? Maybe Rihanna was just keeping Rocky company. But one can only imagine that if they were to work together, the results would be as explosive as their combined sense of street style.