Rising Music Artist BEMI Makes Big Debut With Mind-Blowing Song “Wild”

Watch the eclectic music artist BEMI make their long-awaited debut with the most heartwarming song ‘Savage’. When it comes to music, she’s just awesome.

NOTNothing has the power to overshadow the prolific nature of Ofungbemi Allen. From her writing skills to her exquisite compositions, she was brilliant in every way possible. The impressive newbie BEMI sets his listeners’ expectations high after delivering compelling feel-good vibes through his tracks. And ‘Savage’ is a remarkable example of his skills. This song is part of his recently released album titled “Be Freee”. This album contains 12 heartwarming numbers that will make you smile and also share heartwarming narration from him. And the video for the song is posted under “The Happy Hippie Tie Dye Channel” on YouTube.

She comes from a musical and her family members are also professionals in this industry as a group named “Natti Love Joys”. And they are the inspiration behind his music. On the ‘Be Freee’ album, you’ll hear songs like ‘Locktight’, ‘Posted Up’, ‘Vibes’, ‘Studio Man’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Round And Round’, ‘Figure It Out’, and ‘Savage’. And each of these numbers will share a story of her. Each of these tracks will put a smile on your face and also give you goose skin for the sheer ecstatic nature of these numbers. Follow BEMI on its website, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, instagramand Facebook.

To watch Bemi’s video, visit the given link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RShhCw-x43E