Rising music artist Edwrd captivates everyone with his new track “Dgaf No Mo”

Author: Jennifer Stone

Teaming up with Grammy Award-winning sound engineer James Auwarter, Edwrd delivers “Dgaf No Mo.”

Buzzing in the eardrums of global listeners, Edwards new single Dgaf No Mo currently streaming everywhere. This single is expertly produced and finely calibrated to deliver a unique essence of pop music mixed with high octane digital grooves. The singer collaborated with Grammy Award-winning mixing and mastering engineer, James Auwarter, who did an incredible job in creating this track. Endowed with an indulgent lyricism, the track depicts the relatable subject of pain and misery, which can be turned into strength. There is a beautiful mix of poignancy and optimism that captivates everyone.

Originally from Dallas, Edward is one of the most talented musical artists of this generation who has prolific skills in singing and songwriting. Speaking about the track, he shares, “As kids we learn to live to survive, but I don’t want to live just to survive anymore.” Edwrd also credits part of his creative process to a veteran voice tracking engineer Casper J. Coda. The singer credits James and Casper for helping him navigate his way through the music industry, as well as the photographers, videographers and content creators he’s worked with. This is just the start of Edwrd’s musical career, and he’s looking forward to contributing more tracks in the future. He says, “This is just the beginning. I trust the world will recognize the purity and rawness of what I’m doing right now and support it as I embark on this journey of music and self-discovery.

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