Rochester Church finds new life as a music studio

We were lucky enough to be able to benefit from crowdfunding through a platform called Kiva. Kiva, a nonprofit, connects entrepreneurs and businesses in need with generous networks of friends, family and professionals. Money givers receive their loan over a chosen repayment period, and the business receives money up front. We’re thrilled to say that we just hit our $10,000 all-or-nothing goal last weekend.

You’ve been recording with local musicians for a few years. What do you think of the state of music in Rochester?

Something special is happening with the music and arts scene in Rochester right now. A strong grassroots and community-driven movement sees more and more shows/concerts happening, festivals springing up, and more and more music-related businesses like our studio becoming staples in this space. There are too many individuals and organizations to name and thank, but I am inspired by those around us who are changing the future of music in Rochester by volunteering their time, talent and resources. It’s an easy answer to complaining that Rochester’s music scene is mediocre and doesn’t compare to a place like Minneapolis/St. Paul, but why should we expect this to be so? This is a ripe time where those leading the way in the growth and development of this scene can dictate its personality. We are honored to be part of it.

Do you think having the studio will change the perception of the kind of music that can be made here?

That’s the point. Many people have thanked us for providing a high quality professional studio in Rochester. People no longer need to travel to Minneapolis or further to find space to write and record. Every thriving arts community has the building blocks: established venues, modern class studios, connected promoters, and quality recording studios. Rochester is starting to tick all the boxes to become a thriving arts community. We hope that with the development of the DMC project, the arts will be remembered, respected and given high priority.

Apart from the music, how will you use the space?

Outside of music, Carpet Booth Studios also works with corporate and commercial clients. We tackle projects such as audiobook recording, podcasting, voiceover work, and more. These types of projects will continue to be part of our new space.

We hope to fill the walls with works by local artists – and hope to connect art lovers with pieces to buy so local artists can be supported.

Given the aesthetics of our new space, we are also excited to partner with local video companies to provide live session videos, with high quality sound, to musicians. These days, video is king, and for an artist to succeed, you need diverse content. In our new space, not only can an artist get a great record, but they can also produce additional content as a promotional tool using video from their sessions.

You are a full-fledged musician. As you grow your business, do you continue to write music?

Unfortunately, my solo work has been suspended. The studio has been very busy and demanded my attention in this regard. But, as we continue to build our team, and as I may wander off here and there, I hope to record and release some of my own songs in 2019. I also play in a Minneapolis-based indie rock band called Author , and we are currently working on our fourth album which we also hope to release in 2019.

Cover photo courtesy of Carpet Booth Studios