Roland updates the Zenbeats music creation app

Roland introduced the latest update to the music-making app Zenbeats. They tell us that Zenbeats 3.0. features a surplus of curated music creation tools for all styles and sounds, provides a mobile-friendly format allowing anyone to be creative anytime, anywhere. A spokesperson said, “With Zenbeats Zenbeats 3.0, the app is your instrument, making it easier than ever to create a beat, sketch out synth ideas, record audio tracks, and mix in masterpieces. music on the go.”

Here are the details straight from Roland…

The latest app update includes new features such as the ZR1 Drum Sampler with classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum sounds, improved UI/UX features for superior navigation, group tracks, new sounds every week, and more available for $3/month with the Roland Cloud subscription, and users have access to even more Roland offers!

Discover a new kind of Beat Machine with ZR1
With Zenbeats 3.0, you can now accelerate your drumming prowess!

  • Sample your world – Sample and import directly to the ZR1’s drum pads with the touch of a finger.
  • To modify. Refine. Repeat – Adjust your sounds with advanced editing features.
  • Beatmaking bliss – Create complex beats with the deep, dynamic step sequencer, complete with accents, per-step automation, and more.

Improved MIDI and audio power at your fingertips
With enhanced UI/UX features for easy navigation and discovery, Zenbeats 3.0 will keep every new composition fresh and exciting.

  • Browse, discover and create – Enter the sounds you’re looking for with the intuitive browser, and mark and filter your favorite sounds with just one click.
  • Fresh sounds. New Ideas – The Zenbeats Store is full of sounds, loops and creative tools to expand your musical palette with new sounds added every week!

*Pricing options for Zenbeats include:

  • Free: With the free version of Zenbeats, you get the essentials of music production plus the ability to purchase additional loops and presets from the Zenbeats store. When you’re ready to expand, there are three ways to unlock the full Zenbeats experience:
  • Platform Unlock (from $14.99): Get all the features, instruments, and effects on your favorite platform. Platform Unlock includes over 2,500 presets, loops and sounds (2.5 GB), ZR1 drum sampler with sampling/editing, ZC1 synthesizer with 90 built-in MFX, full-featured SampleVerse modular synthesizer with editor, VST/AU/AUv3 support and unlimited mixing and export capabilities.
  • Max Unlock ($149.99): Get all features, instruments, effects, and storage packs on all platforms and devices. Max Unlock includes over 14,000 presets, loops and sounds (over 8GB), ZR1 Drum Sampler with Sampling/Editing, ZC1 Synthesizer with 90 built-in MFX, SampleVerse Modular Synthesizer with Editor, VST/AU/AUv3 support and unlimited mixing. and export capabilities.
  • Roland Cloud Membership (from $2.99/month or $29.99/year): All Roland Cloud membership levels include Zenbeats Max Unlock. Roland Cloud is a Mac and Windows service featuring an ever-growing collection of legendary Roland software synthesizers, sounds, samples, loops, and access to the larger world of ZEN-Core. With this flexible workflow, you can use the same tones in ZC1, ZENOLOGY, and compatible ZEN-Core hardware.

Zenbeats is available on most devices, including Chrome OS systems supporting Android apps, Android 8.0+, iOS 11+, macOS 10.11+, and Windows PCs running Windows 8/10, with 2GB RAM and 2 GB of available storage.

*Price at time of publication