Rumble Studios opens full-service sound and music studio in Melbourne

Rumble Studios has opened a new full-service sound design and music studio in South Melbourne.

Led by senior sound designer Liam Annert, it will give creatives, producers and directors access to new on-the-ground sound production facilities and expertise, as well as seamless access to Rumble’s studio capabilities in Sydney.

Opening a studio in Melbourne allows the company to retain Liam’s talents while strengthening its presence in a dynamic creative market, explained Tone Aston, partner and creative director of Rumble Studios.

“Liam is such an asset to the company that we decided to set up a studio in Melbourne when he had to return to Melbourne after more than three years with us in Sydney. He is an exceptional talent, an excellent voice director , an awesome sound designer and a nice guy in every way,” Tone said.

“We are delighted to join a talented local production scene that is set to grow with Melbourne set to become Australia’s largest city over the next decade.”

The move will allow Rumble to take on new business and work more closely with existing clients in Melbourne, with the studio already collaborating on work outside the Victorian capital.

“The studio experience is a core part of our service and we are delighted to now offer Melbourne-based clients a beautiful space for creative face-to-face sessions to collaborate on sound design, voice overs and music,” the Rumble partner and EP said. Michel Gié.

Over the past nine years, Rumble Studios has established itself as one of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading sound houses, garnering accolades such as Shots Asia-Pacific Audio Company of the Year, LIA Global Audio Company of the Year and a host of Clio, AWARD and Spikes Trophies for their sound design and musical work.

Liam will lead a talented team of five which also includes Melbourne locals Bec Ivanov (producer), Pete Corrigan (composer), Sean Wilkinson (assistant sound designer) and Alex Booker (studio assistant).

“I’m really excited about two things. First, going home to reconnect with the people in the industry that I worked with early in my career. I’m excited to see where everyone ended up and the work they are doing now. Second, building a strong team of local talent with the same energy and enthusiasm around sound that everyone at Rumble shares,” said Liam.

Liam joined Rumble as Senior Sound Designer in 2019 from Risk Sound of Melbourne, where he spent three years as a sound designer, honing his skills in vocal direction, sound effects and all forms of sound crafting.

The South Melbourne studio will connect directly to Sydney for job sharing, zooming and source connection, providing access to five sound designers, three in-house composers plus a team of freelance composers, five producers and a back-up team. end to handle any request. .