Saya Music Studio Releases Special “Mere Shambhu” Mahashivratri Music Video On YouTube

8 March: Presenters, Saya Music Studio and Anjana Shah recently released Mahashivratri’s special music video, “Mere Shambhu” on YouTube. Toured in Mukhwa village and Gangotri area in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, since its release on Mahashivratri, the song has received a very positive response so far. Watch here

The performance of the song “Mere Shambhu” was performed in the ancient Hindu temple of Shiva established by the Pandavas. What makes this song so spiritually rich and unique is the fact that the music video for this melodious song was shot in a historically rich location like Gangotri Dham. Known as the ancient birthplace of the holy river Ganga, Gangotri Dham holds great significance in Hindu culture. The song was started in pooja on Mahashivratri day at Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple located at Trimbak temple in Maharashtra for the very first time.

Anjana Shah, owner of Saya Music Studio and presenter of the ‘Mere Shambhu’ music video, shares, “We aim to use our music label to give new, creative and talented artists a chance to gain exposure. We do our best to combine their inspirational music with unique and one-of-a-kind venues so that they stand out from the crowd.

Saya Music Studio, the main showcasing label for the “Mere Shambhu” music video, has been renowned for working on high-end projects since its inception. Their genuine interest in high end video quality, skilled staff and experienced team has helped them make a name for themselves in the spiritual music label industry.

“Shooting the song ‘Mere Shambhu’ in live snowfall was an unparalleled experience. From making the song to showcasing the true state of mind of a devotee of Lord Shiva, our whole team at Saya Music Studio worked hard to bring out the best version of this music video,” shares Aman Nautiyal, Music Video Director.

Kunal Domle, the music video actor, also performed exceptionally well in the song. His realistic appearance in the music video makes him the perfect cast for this phenomenally rising music video on YouTube and other social media platforms such as Instagram. Be it audio or video, the actor played a huge role in the success of the song. He also kept a fast for 4 days and visited Trimbakeshwar temple daily just before the song was released.

The creators or lead men of the song and music video, Yash Shah and Karan Jambhle (Producers), Harry Mallya (Singer), Lyricist (Manisha Vyas), Abhijeet Gadwe (Music), Manish Kumar (Deputy Director), Lalit Kumar ( DOP), Kamalnayan Semwal (Production Manager) were supporting pillars and also played their part well in making this song a success.

The song is available on many digital platforms such as YouTube and MP3 download sites. He is popular on Instagram reels and has over half a million views on Instagram alone. In the near future, they have many big plans and will be working with many big names in Indian industry. They have already partnered with these big names for explosive and exclusive productions, in addition to the devotional ones that will soon be launched.

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