Serj Tankian will release new music through an app

Serj Tankian is releasing his new EP via an augmented reality app.

Tankian has announced plans for his new “Perplex Cities” collection – the sequel to 2021’s “Elasticity” – as he seeks to release a new track every week via the Arloopa app.

Starting Monday, Serj will release a new song with the musician “appearing in the same space as the listener-viewer to explain the music and listen.”

In a statement, he said: “I’m always trying to create new and exciting ways to connect with people through my music.

“We did some amazing videos for the latest ‘Elasticity’ EP, so I wanted to try something different for ‘Perplex Cities’.

“I like the idea of ​​appearing in the room with someone listening to my music. It’s intimate, fun and different.

The disc will contain the songs “Pop Imperialism”, “The Race”, “I Spoke Up”, “Rumi Loves His Cares” and “Forgive Me Father”.

On October 21, the EP will be released in its entirety on streaming services via his Serjical Strike label.

He teased: “[‘Perplex Cities’] is a completely different sound than what I’ve done before. “More electronic, subtle and deeper in terms of the layers of presentation musically. “Perplex Cities” exudes a unique aura that is different from my previous releases. »

Meanwhile, System of a Down’s most recent tracks — “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” — were released in 2020, with no plans to record a new album.

He previously explained, “We still have something to give to the world, and when you post something that really has an impact, you’re like, ‘Why don’t we do this all the time?

“And then I go down the rabbit hole of frustration and anger. I’m a sensitive person, so I can’t just hold this stuff back – it has to come out one way or another.

“And it takes me a long time to face it and deal with it because I am also realistic insofar as life is over; you only have a certain amount of time. And here we are.”

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