Sha Sha talks about working with women in music and talks about her upcoming album “I’m alive”

BET Award winner Sha Sha, also known as Charmaine Shamiso Mapimbiro, has teamed up with fellow musical powerhouse Rowlene for her latest single, “Give Me Something.”

On the brand new track, the two vocal powerhouses collaborate to deliver R&B melodies, and their vocals blend together to create a touching song.

Sha Sha and Rowlene’s exquisite vocals, soaring keys and the most subtle rhythms form the basis of “Give Me Something”, a song about a woman going through a breakup who realizes she hasn’t given up on the past or her ex-boyfriend.

Sha Sha said the song’s intriguing journey started in 2020 and took a long time to complete in an interview with IOL Entertainment.

Before finding the perfect partner, Sha Sha worked on the song for a while with producer Dakarai Gwitira when he was in South Africa.

Sha Sha reached out to Rowlene through her direct messages (DM), where many wonderful things are happening. The two hit it off right away and soon found themselves deep in discussion about music, bonding like old friends.

The two practically collaborated on the song while Rowlene was in the UK, and now it all comes together.

Sha Sha’s collaboration with Rowlene follows the release of “Themba Lami”, which she co-wrote with Ami Faku; thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to infer that she would prioritize strong female collaborations for her upcoming album “I’m Alive.”

After working on “Phakade Lami” with Nomfundo, Sha Sha said, “I thought there weren’t enough women working together and I just made sure I really wanted to work with more women and see what we can produce.”

You are going to be so amazed to hear the variety of sounds on the disc, I can already tell. I really appreciated how people accepted me and liked my music, she remarked.

Sha Sha released the music video for their collaboration with Ami Faku on August 19. As of this writing, the song has had 158,061 views on YouTube.

People were there all day to shoot the visuals, starting at 7am. However, things often turn out nice when you work with a friend and do something you love.

“Everyone collaborated to create such a beautiful collection of art. To create a truly stunning aesthetic, Low collaborated with David Tlale and Yenzo, who both excelled in filmmaking. It was a busy day. Friend and I have a great friendship. It looked like we were there laughing,” she added.

Sha Sha earned the nickname “Queen of Amapiano” and includes various genres in her music, although her true musical roots are in R&B.

She now uses R&B as a platform to further her artistic expression and development. Sha Sha said, “It’s about my ability to express myself in many genres.

“I believe that music gives me a voice and allows me to express myself. I draw from multiple contexts and genres,” she said.

Her new album, “I’m Alive,” has an attention-grabbing title, and to put it mildly, it’s a loaded statement.

Sha Sha experienced a “rebirth”, as the title of her album suggests, and for three months she disappeared from social media. When she started using social media again, she uploaded the album cover artwork while looking dapper in a purple suit and durag.

Before explaining how the file is divided into two sections to tell it story, Sha Sha explains: “It’s intense. She claims that making the album served as therapy for her because so much had happened in her personal and professional life.

It’s more of a reflection on my journey to discover who I am, my spirituality and my love, which are now the most important things to me, she added.

There are certain things that had to go with “I’m alive”, whether it was low frequencies or habits that I developed because of my fame.

It’s hard to think of Sha Sha without also mentioning DJ Maphorisa; the singer has collaborated with label head Blaqboy Music on a number of songs, including “Love you tonight” and “Akulaleki.”

Sony Songs and Blaqboy have teamed up to distribute his music under this arrangement. After leaving Lawk Communications, she currently works at Blaq Major.

Sha Sha fans should expect a more assertive, responsible and confident Sha Sha as she embarks on her new chapter as a musician.

She said, “It’s wonderful to be vulnerable once in a while, to tap into that and nurture that young girl,” as we came to the end of our conversation. See how you can change to become the best version of yourself as a woman.

On September 24, “I’m Alive” will be released, while “Give me Something” is now available on all streaming services.

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