Southern Roots Radio launches in Colombia bringing music, culture

Being Southern is about more than country music, says downtown Columbia’s newest 24-hour radio network, which recently embraced digital airways.

For many, being Southern is not just music, but a way of life and a culture. Southern music can mean anything from Beale Street blues and folk and bluegrass, to New Orleans jazz and the rhythm and soul of Muscle Shoals, to the classic sounds of Music Row. .

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This multi-genre collection that showcases the Southern influenced landscape is what listeners will hear when they tune into Southern Roots Radio, offering a taste of all regions, their history and art. who came out of it.

“The network, right now, is 24/7 music, and we’re constantly working on our songs in rotation. But we’re also working on our individual original shows that populate the airwaves,” Makky said. Kaylor, one of the station’s founders. , said. “What’s really been a big mantra for us to be here is that we’re centrally located between the cosmopolitan twang of Nashville, the grit and soul of Memphis, and then the beat and soul of Muscle Shoals. We’re here.”

To access Southern Roots Radio, visit online or through the Live365 app for mobile devices.

Launched in late August, Southern Roots Radio is a collaborative partnership between several artists, radio personalities and other media. This includes “The Swanky South Crooner” Kaylor, singer/songwriter Brenda Lynn Allen, producer Jack “JP” Plant and journalist/sportscaster Chris Yow.

“What’s going to set our station apart is all of the programming,” Allen said. “You can get music everywhere these days, and we have a really big playlist. Some people think ‘Roots Southern’ is just country, but it’s not. It’s very tall and wide.”

Kaylor, a veteran artist who spent more than 20 years as an A-list demo singer on Music Row, will host three shows on the network. “Makky’s Muletown Sound” will feature his live music, as well as industry guests.

Kaylor hits the road with “The Swanky South Roadshow,” in which he travels once a month to iconic Southern sites, plays music, and interviews locals. “Swanky Southern Sundays,” another show currently in development, will be a weekly 7 p.m. show with co-host Allen.

Co-hosts Makky Kaylor and Brenda Lynn Allen host "Chic Sundays in the South" at 7 p.m. every Sunday on Southern Roots Radio

Another aspect of Southern Roots is how it could help further boost local tourism, reaching listeners around the country and the world in a new way about what’s happening in Colombia and the south of the center. of Tennessee.

“I am truly impressed with the quality of Southern Roots Radio’s programming,” said Director of Tourism and Marketing Kellye Murphy. “It’s just spectacular and so focused on the work we do to promote locally and across the region.”

Southern Roots Radio is available for free online at www.SouthernRootsRadio.combut can also be viewed via mobile devices using the Live365 app.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be from here in Muletown, but this company is about creating a culture of Southern inclusivity,” Yow said. “From American and country music, Southern rock to Southern soul and blues… add sports talk shows and lifestyle segments, and we’ve got the perfect mix of Southern living.”