Spotify’s online music studio now offers live collaboration

Spotify’s Soundtrap is now more useful for artists who want to make music with distant friends. The online digital audio workstation (DAW) now has an opt-in beta for a live collaboration feature that allows multiple people to make and see changes to a track in real time. If you want to add a sick beat, you don’t have to hit a sync button to make sure everyone hears it.

Another opt-in beta adds an automatic (presumably overdue) save feature to preserve your work. If you’d rather not participate in any testing, you can now leave Google Docs-style comments on tracks to guide your fellow composers.

Soundtrap starts at $10 per month, or $8 per month if you pay annually. It’s not as affordable as a user-friendly alternative like Soundation ($5 per month when paid annually), but it might make the DAW more compelling if you fancy unlimited projects (the entry paid tier of Soundation is limited to 10) or if you just want Spotify’s resources at your disposal.

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