“There’s no reason I can’t grow as a musical artist as well” – Academy youngster Derrick Abu on getting the right grades on the pitch and in the studio | News | Official site

Derrick Abu has been a Chelsea Under-18 regular this season as our youngsters push for silverware on two fronts, but the teenager has also honed his talents in the musical realm with the release of a new single from rap.

Abu has played 17 games in all competitions so far for our youth team this season, scoring three goals. In all competitions, he’s played as a right-back, right-back and right-back, proving a big reason why Ed Brand’s side have been so solid defensively.

However, its versatility is not just limited to the football field. Having started learning music at an early age as part of his church choir, Abu pursued this passion alongside his progress in football.

He is currently writing and producing his own songs while balancing the rigors as a young prospect at one of the most competitive academies in the country, with his debut album “Life’s Changing” now available.

To mark the release, we caught up with the 18-year-old to discuss his musical inspirations and how he juggles to find the right notes on the field and in the studio…

What prompted you to start making music?

“I’ve been making music since I played football, went to church with my mum and was in the church choir. My love for music only grew from the.

“I think I had a natural talent and the most important thing is that I loved to sing, so from there it became a hobby.”

At what age did you write your first song?

“I wrote my first song when I was 11. I found it fun and easy to do, so I went on to do a lot more songs after that.

How did you manage football and music at the same time?

“First of all, I want people to know that I’ve always wanted to do both, so I made sure I was committed to both and ready for the workload of both because I don’t want that one suffers at the hands of the other.

“I want to do both at a high level. It was relatively easy because I decided to do both. I believe that if I’m performing and developing as a footballer, there’s no reason why I can’t also develop as a musical artist.

How was the reception you received from your family, friends and teammates?

“They all love it and show me huge support. My sister is my second pair of ears – she’s really the person I trust with my music and if she likes it I’m sure the public will love it. will also like.

“My teammates always tell me what they like about my music and that also gives me confidence because they believe in something I’ve done.”

What is the inspiration behind your latest song ‘Life’s Changing’?

“It’s an old song that I dug out of the archives and tweaked, but it came out great. It has such a cool beat and it helps me get the message of the song across.

“The song is about how I’m basically living two dreams at the same time and how I will continue to work hard to make sure I continue on this path.”

What advice would you give to someone in your situation doing passions together or at least trying to do two together?

“You have to be yourself, don’t be any different from that, don’t just follow the crowd and you can’t be scared.”