Top Music Artist Jack Kellogg Shares The Habits That Influenced His Success As An Artist

Professional, goal-oriented musicians focus on achieving musical goals and go to great lengths to achieve them. On the other hand, non-professional musicians focus on ways to get rich, get famous, and get found by an A&R rep. Music is secondary and the development of music-related skills is not a priority. The first succeed in the long term because success is a state of mind that requires to be acquired.

Jack Kellogg is a successful musical artist who has never sought success, fame and all things shiny and shiny on his journey. Coming from a small Connecticut family, Jack dreamed of being a musician as a child. Despite the lack of support from his family and friends, he decided to press on. To achieve his dream, he adapted habits that helped him along the way and enabled him to survive in this fierce and competitive industry. Today, he shares with us these habits that have influenced his success as an artist.

Desire to be the best

When you live a life that involves the desire to be the best, you are bound to struggle and chase whatever will help you get there. This is how Jack Kellogg pursued his dream of becoming a musician. His innate desire to be the best in the art led him to overcome various challenges along his journey and also pushed him to work hard to improve his skills. He never believed he was the best. He just worked hard to be the best and that made all the difference.

Get out of the comfort zone

Living a life outside of your comfort zone is key to growing and learning new skills in life. It’s a fact of life that Jack Kellogg made it a habit and never stopped trying new things. He never tried to choose the easiest option and made sure to use every moment of every day to advance as far as possible.

Learn from adversity

Every failure or adversity has a hidden value. Those who want to see, see. Jack Kellogg never viewed failures as setbacks. In fact, he believed that with every setback or adversity, he was able to learn something new. He is perhaps a far greater teacher than success will ever be.

Be innovative

According to Jack, music is synonymous with innovation. If it stagnates or the flow breaks, creativity is murdered. Musicians must continue to learn to master the art of creativity in all its forms and styles. This habit allows musicians to be imaginative while constantly exploring new areas of creativity.

Besides these essential habits, Jack Kellogg believes that as aspiring musicians, one must have complete confidence to perform in front of an audience and have the stamina to practice every day.

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