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Square Enix is ​​one of Japan’s most legendary video game companies, being the company behind Final Fantasy, dragon quest, and many other classic JRPGs. Their games are known for being archetypal RPG experiences and feature music from brilliant composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu.

Recently, Square Enix created a channel on Youtube Music and released several thousand titles there, giving fans free access to many music from their classic video games. While it doesn’t cover every game released by the company, it does contain plenty of bits and pieces from several Final Fantasy Games. Here are some tunes fans of the franchise can listen to right now on the channel.

ten “The Hand That Gives the Rose” (Heavensward OST)

FFXIV Ravana In-Game

Final Fantasy 14 has become widely known as one of the best MMORPGs out there, and its incredible soundtrack matches its legacy. “The Hand that Gives the Rose” is one of many tracks that were added as part of the Heavensward expansion, and it plays during Ravana’s boss fight.

The song is a classic waltz, which might not sound like something suitable for a boss battle. However, this piece is only a prelude to the fight. It only plays until Ravana uses his ultimate, after which the track switches to “Unbending Steel”.

Listen to the track here.


9 “Tifa’s Theme – Seventh Heaven” (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)

FFVIIR Tifa learns on her bar counter

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was praised for its incredible soundtrack, including renditions of tracks from the original game. There are many tracks that are pleasant to listen to, but “Tifa’s Theme – Seventh Heaven” has a special beauty.

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The song begins with a dark mood, before swelling with the addition of several orchestral instruments. As a song that only plays a few moments in the game, it’s a perfect match for one of the set’s most popular characters. Final Fantasy franchise.

Listen to the track here.

8 “Not Alone” (Final Fantasy 9 OST)

FFIX Zidane and Blank duel in the room

Final Fantasy 9 may not be as popular as others Final Fantasy games, but it’s still a classic that deserves attention. Its soundtrack is no less amazing than any other game’s soundtrack, and “Not Alone” is a good example of that.

“Not Alone” plays during one of the game’s most impactful moments, and is a powerful ballad-like melody that slowly builds around its melody. The emotional force behind the song and the scene it plays in makes it an unforgettable track.

Listen to the track here.

7 “Ending Theme” (Final Fantasy 10 OST)

FFX Tidus and Yuna standing together

Final Fantasy 10 is easily one of the most popular Final Fantasy games, as it is the first game to have voice acting and three-dimensional areas. Its soundtrack is equally legendary, with plenty of tracks that match the game’s island setting.

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The theme of “To Zanarkand” opens the game, and it is a beautiful melody that is both full of hope and sadness. The theme is taken up again in the game’s “ending theme”, which plays in the finale. The triumphant return of the opening theme provides a fitting ending to this classic entry.

Listen to the track here.

6 “Blinded by the Light” (Final Fantasy 13 OST)

FFXIII Cast with Lightning, Hope, Snow, Sazh, Fang and Vanilla

Final Fantasy 13 and its associated sequels are not as popular as other Final Fantasy inputs, but the games still have great soundtracks. A good example is the “Blinded by Light” track, which serves as the main battle theme for the first game.

The song is an energetic orchestral track that alternates between slow, brooding strings and fast, melodic violin lines. Although Final Fantasy 13 may fall short of the franchise’s absolute best, this track definitely made normal combat much more bearable.

Listen to the track here.

5 “The Dreadful Fight” (Final Fantasy 4 OST)

FFIV party fight against Barbarricia

Final Fantasy 4 is much older than many other games presented so far, but it is an absolute classic that represents the best of the first Final Fantasy. Its soundtrack is equally legendary and includes classic compositions like “The Dreadful Fight”, which plays during battles against the Four Fiends.

The Four Fiends are some of the toughest boss fights in Final Fantasy 4, and “The Dreadful Fight” illustrates this perfectly. Its menacing orchestral arrangement would make even the toughest men tense.

Listen to the track here.

4 “Triumph” (Stormblood OST)

FFXIV Stormblood Players Fighting A Boss

Stormblood is yet another among many expansions and updates for the famous Final Fantasy 14 MMORPG. As with every extension, Stormblood also came with a set of his own tracks to add to the game’s growing collection of music. One of those tracks is “Triumph”, a song that plays opposite the final boss one of Stormbloodthe new dungeons.

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“Triumph” is an intimidating orchestral composition by Final Fantasy 14 composer Masayoshi Soken. It features booming string lines and vocals, providing an epic feel befitting such a daunting boss fight.

Listen to the track here.

3 “Battle Theme B” (Final Fantasy 4 OST)

FFIV boss battle against Octomammoth

Among the many incredible tracks of Final Fantasy 4The soundtrack of “Battle Theme B” is one of the best. This is the theme that plays during a fight against one of the Final Fantasy 4‘s regular bosses, and it’s a winner from start to finish.

“Battle Theme B” begins similarly to the normal battle theme, before changing gears into an ominous string arrangement. Add to that an incredibly peppy bassline that never loses steam, and the result is one of the best battle themes ever. Final Fantasy the story.

Listen to the track here.

2 “Suteki Da Ne” (Final Fantasy 10 OST)

FFX Tidus and Yuna kissing in a lake

While most Final FantasyThe soundtracks of are instrumental, composers will occasionally use vocals in their music. An example is “Suteki da ne”, a song that acts as a romantic theme for Tidus and Yuna’s relationship. The theme has several variations, but the original song is the best known.

“Suteki da ne” is a pop ballad sung by singer RIKKI, and it’s a tender song that overflows with melodramatic emotion. fans of Final Fantasy 10 surely remember this piece of music as one of the highlights of the series soundtracks.

Listen to the track here.

1 “One-Winged Angel – Rebirth” (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)

FFVIIR Sephiroth looks at Cloud

Final Fantasy 7 has many legendary tracks, but “One-Winged Angel” is probably the most famous, used as the main theme in the battle against Safer Sephiroth. “One-Winged Angel” is one of the most easily recognizable tracks and is frequently brought up in conversations on Final Fantasy the music.

Naturally, Final Fantasy 7 Remake brought this track back in the form of “One-Winged Angel – Rebirth”, a rendition that matches the original in majesty. Used in battle against the iconic villain Sephiroth, this track is a worthy successor to the classic theme.

Listen to the track here.

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