Up-and-Coming Country Music Artist Rob Wolf Announces Debut Single “Home”

Photo credit: Eric Schmidt

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Promising New Country Music Artist Rob Wolf announced the release of their debut single “House,” co-written by Rob Wolf and his sister, Jacky Wolf. The new music touches the heart of any listener who has ever left their roots in pursuit of a dream. Rob hopes to share a message about digging into your roots, never giving up, and creating success along the journey as you pursue your dreams.

“Home” is available for download and streaming on all digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and more at https://found.ee/RobWolfHome.

“I wrote House after leaving Montana to pursue music in Nashville, I was homesick. What I love about this song is how true it is to my life and how positive and uplifting the message is. Many people wish they could be back home, where things are easier, where family is there and life is comfortable, but they give up on that in pursuit of a dream. This song is meant to emphasize both the importance of your roots and the importance of aiming high and making it happen,” Rob Wolf shares. “I hope people can relate to this message and people listen and enjoy my music.”

“Rob’s writing and voice resonate with a unique authenticity. His debut single ‘Home’ is built on the foundation of traditional country music, but it brings a new soulful energy to the format,” producer Tyler Cain shared. “It was really exciting working with Rob to help him shape his sound. His future in country music is very bright.

“Sitting here buried in my thoughts because tonight I miss home.
The memories swirling around in my head sometimes make me feel lonely.
Sure, the city lights are pretty, but I need that Big Sky more.
I always dreamed of going further south, looking for those open doors
But Home is where I grew up, it’s where I learned to write a song.
It was there that I learned some life lessons and learned to distinguish right from wrong.
He taught me how to treat someone and take care of myself
And for that moment when life hits you like a stone.
Now home is where I really wanna be,
but I’m going to have to do it here in Tennessee…”

“Home” was recorded at bold studio in Nashville, Tennessee and produced by Tyler Cainwith Mastering by John Mayfield and mix by Marc Lonsway. The musicians included Rob Wolf (vocals, guitar), Janeen Fleener (violin), Jared Kneale (drums), Bruce Button (steel guitar), Jackson Epley (bass guitar) and Tyler Cain (electric guitar, keyboard).

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