Upcoming Music Artist TGawd’s New Song “Love$ick” Presents A Unique Course In Modern Hip-Hop Flavors

Hmodern representation of ip hop and rap by an upcoming artist TGawdName already sending waves of engagement. Recently, he came out with the single, ‘Love$ick‘ which further expands his creative domain. The song’s thematic heartache story allows audiences to understand and relate to the song as well as the artist on a deeper level.

1. Do you use electronic modulations in your production?

Rep. To be completely honest. I don’t do any production; My Guy Roc Writah takes care of all that. I go in and put this heat down and he adjusts it to make it hotter!

2. How far do you think the journey of hip hop and rap goes in the collective evolution of music?

Rep. OMG man, very far!!! I’m talking about the first gang/gangster rap to now this mumble rap is craazzzyyy. Hip/hop and rap must be the most impressive genre, the way it evolves over time and still remains relevant

3. Do you have a particular way or routine when you compose?

Rep. Yes, I must have a Mountain Dew lol but no not really, the mentality for me, every time I’m in the studio, is to leave nothing behind. So every time I record, I give my all

4. Do you think home or bedroom productions give aspiring artists greater creative independence?

Rep. It depends on the artist but if I have to choose, I would say yes. Being in your own space where emotions and thoughts can run wild is definitely a great space for creativity.

5. Many artists work in soundscapes that mix genres. What is your opinion on that?

Rep. I love it!!! Something like a TrapSoul artist or that putting R&B vibes into a Rap beat is creative as hell! I respect him. It definitely gives a different feel to listening to the song.

6. You seem to be very lyrical. What is the importance of lyrics in contemporary hip hop?

Rep. it tells the story you are trying to tell. Lyrics help listeners see what you’re trying to say, I believe that without lyrics a lot of artists wouldn’t be as respected in the game.

7. Do you think music has the potential to influence social, cultural and political corners?

Rep. Absolutely Rap alone has already influenced social, cultural and political corners. We had the Jeezy “Vote or Die” campaign for Obama at one point. Music is a great outlet for many things

8. What are the common struggles of a future musician?

Rep. The fan base, support and proper promotion! This plays a big role when it comes to the struggles of an upcoming artist. It’s nobody is willing to give you a chance unless so and so knows you or you hang out in the popular crew.

9. Do you consider concerts to be one of the most important promotional tools?

Rep. OUISS!!! Bring others who haven’t seen or heard your music on streaming platforms for a chance to hear it and their local event or anywhere.

ten. What do you think of musical collaborations with other artists?

Rep. DO ALL THE FEATURES! Get this exposure from other artist fanbases! We want everyone to hear our music, our ideas, etc. Maaannn TAKE THIS COLLABORATION lol

11. How do contemporary artists impact your soundscape?

Rep. Creativity and rhythm have evolved so much to help us put sounds together. ART IS ART! We all have a story to tell

12. What are your ultimate goals as an artist?

Rep. Phew! Ultimate objective mmmmmm….. Perfecting my job at all levels! To be discussed in hair salons once I’m done with the music. For my sound to be forever remembered and remembered. As an artist it’s more for you than the music and I just hope I can find what’s more for me by the time I hang up the shirt.

Watch this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJRaATvR02E