Vancouver-born musical artist Wes Walls is coming home for Christmas

Musical artist Wes Walls loves the holidays. For the Vancouver-born singer-songwriter, the season has a powerful way of bringing people together, even in difficult times.

To remind everyone of the joy of being with loved ones at this time of year, Walls has released a new indie Christmas single titled “This Christmas, I’m Coming Home” which has gained a festive following on social media platforms. streaming and radio.

Wes Walls (Philippe Thibault/Submitted)

“I had written the core of the song years ago when I moved to Montreal and felt so far away from my family in British Columbia,” Walls said. “I also lamented the long trip I had to make across the country in the winter to come back for the holidays.

“But the song is fundamentally upbeat and I think it was celebrating how worthwhile the journey was, even though it was long and tiring, and how nice it would be to be back home. I think it’s just about family ties, no matter how far apart.

Walls has a long musical career, producing and releasing two anthemic pop-rock EPs, performing in British rock band Whitfield and fronting his own band, and top dance tracks such as Christina’s “Carry Me to Paradise” Walls (his sister) on international radio.

His latest work, “This Christmas, I’m Coming Home”, is a song that took years to make. Walls wrote and recorded an early version of the holiday tune, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2020 that he was inspired to bring it back to life.

“This song came back to me during the height of the pandemic-related lockdown and isolation. Knowing that flying across Canada to visit family was not an option at the time, and that the unity is what we all needed the most but couldn’t have. The idea really resonated. I needed the song to remind me of those good feelings and to be optimistic about the future. And I I figured other people might need it too.

The new version of “This Christmas, I’m Coming Home” was co-written and recorded with Vancouver-based music producer Ryan Stewart as part of a cross-Canada collaboration. Walls describes the tune as an “upbeat piano pop song with a bouncy, jangly vibe and a touch of classic swing jazz”.

“I had worked with Ryan Stewart, an amazing drummer in Vancouver, on my two EPs, and he has since become an accomplished songwriter and producer, working with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan, Victoria Duffield and Smash Mouth “, Walls said. I knew he would be the perfect person to collaborate with to bring the song to life.

“We wrote the final version of the song and produced it via remote video call sessions and numerous emails between my studio in Montreal and his in Vancouver. For the guitar solo, we called on Jesse Tucker, who recorded his parts from his studio in Nashville. All of this deep in the days when Montreal was under strict lockdown with a nightly curfew, so for me to record this song in collaboration with these talented musicians was a very uplifting project to work on.

“This Christmas, I’m Coming Home” has aired on Canadian and international radio stations, appeared on dozens of Spotify playlists and has been buzzing on social media. The single was followed by an official music video released in late November.

“I hope ‘This Christmas, I’m Coming Home’ can be a soundtrack for togetherness this holiday season and many more in the future. I hope it uplifts people and makes them excited and to spend time with loved ones, especially if the pandemic has kept them apart for too long.

“And for the people who can’t be with their loved ones again this year because of the pandemic or for any other reason, I hope this lifts their spirits and helps them feel some comfort and optimism. .”