Versatile musical artist Krazy Attitude has created his latest mixtape titled “Pray 4 Da Takeoff”

Make a Way for an American Music Artist Krazy Attitude and his latest mixtape, ‘Pray 4 Da Takeoff’. This amazing musical project contains 11 engaging singles.

Up-and-coming music artist Krazy Attitude is making a huge impact in the industry with his latest mixtape ‘Pray 4 Da Takeoff’. This is the artist’s fourth mixtape and is currently garnering the epitome of everyone’s attention. This mixtape project consists of 11 singles with mixed influences from various rappers. This musical collective includes some of the most exciting singles in this artist’s musical arsenal such as ‘Life in the Hood’, ‘Fast Lane’, Let’s Kick It’, ‘Bounce Wit It’, and many more. Each of the bangers is expertly crafted to provide listeners with a unique taste of hip-hop music. The subject is that the tracks revolve around the elements of motivation and effort in life that make a person stronger. With an upbeat attitude and an unwavering personality, the musical entertainer is eager to spread his musical aura to every corner of the world.

Ni’Quey Griswold, better known as Krazy Attitude has made significant progress in the industry with nothing but his talent and skills. This musical artist is versatile and he has also spread his talent as a rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer. The artist was born in Syracuse, New York and grew up in Camden, New Jersey, which had a mixed influence on his music. The last project ‘Pray 4 Da Takeoff’ is one of his greatest musical creations that portrays these raw flavors with a powerful dose of motivation. Follow him on SoundCloud, Youtubeand Spotify find out more. It is also available on instagram, Facebookand Twitter.

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