WHITESNAKE Releases Remastered Music Video “Guilty Of Love”; “One of my favorite songs,” says DAVID COVERDALE in new Greatest Hits promo clip

Whitesnake continues to revisit his multi-platinum career by remixing some of his greatest hits for a new collection that spotlights updated versions of classic tracks like “Still Of The Night”, “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love”.

Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits is available now on digital and streaming services, on CD, 2LP and CD/Blu-ray in Europe, and fans are welcome to order the collection by going here.

The band released this remastered video for “Guilty Of Love”:

In another clip, David Coverdale looks back on “Guilty Of Love”:

David Coverdale had 16 tracks remixed and remastered for this collection. He explains, “We definitely expanded the original Greatest Hits, took them all out of the 80s and 90s sound time capsule, and updated them, sound-wise… as always, we have the original. albums for those who consider them sacred relics.

Keyboardist Derek Sherinian, who also appeared in Whitesnake’s recent Red, White and Blues trilogy, adds the Hammond organ to more than half of the songs in the collection. His raunchy contributions can be heard on the #1 hit “Here I Go Again,” “Fool For Your Loving,” “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again,” and more. New performances by former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg can also be heard on “The Deeper The Love” and “Judgement Day” from the 1989 album, Slip Of The Tongue.

Along with these new additions, Coverdale also returned to the vault to unearth vintage performances by guitarist John Sykes that did not appear on the original recordings, including a solo on “Slide It In” and rhythm guitar on “Give Me All Your Love”. .”

Whitesnake Greatest Hits largely focuses on three hit albums the band released in the 1980s: 1984’s Slide It In (2x platinum), 1987’s Whitesnake (8x platinum), and 1989’s Slip Of The Tongue (platinum). But the collection goes deeper with songs like “Sweet Lady Luck,” a B-side to the 12″ single for “The Deeper The Love,” and “Forevermore,” the title track from the band’s 2011 album.

Whitesnake embarked on a farewell tour with special guest Europe. Coverdale said: “I pray every day for this to happen and once again share unforgettable evenings together and celebrate the incredible journey we have been on for almost 50 years!!!”

– Digital now available worldwide
– CD released now in Europe
– 2LP now in Europe
– CD/Blu-ray available now in Europe and July 15 in North America
– CD & 2LP released now in North America

List of CD/Blu-ray tracks:

“Always Night”
” Here we go again “
“Is This Love”
“Give me all your love”
“Love Is No Stranger”
“Slip It In”
“Slow and easy”
“Guilty of Love”
“Fool for Your Love”
“Judgment Day”
“The Deepest of Love”
“Now You’re Gone”
“You’re gonna break my heart again”
“Sweet Lady Luck”
“Crying in the Rain”
“For all time”

Remastered video “Slow An’ Easy”:

Remastered video “Slide It In”:

Remastered video “Love Ain’t No Stranger”:

Remastered video “Give Me All Your Love”:

Remastered video “Is This Love”:

Remastered video “Here I Go Again”:

“Still Of The Night” Remastered Video: