Young MA Announces NFT Capsule

The collection gives fans a chance to own unique digital collectibles

New York-based artist Young MA has partnered with the eco-friendly NFT platform Serenade to release an exclusive NFT capsule focusing on the milestones of a 6x Platinum artist career.

The NFT Young MA capsule ‘Herstory in The Making’ pays homage to the captivating career the Brooklyn-based MC has had, charting his own path to becoming one of the most acclaimed songwriters and MCs of our time. History in the making was Young MA’s debut album that set the tone for his big hit.

Depicting iconic moments and the spirit of Young MA’s life, this capsule will consist of five exclusive NFT drops, released on Wednesday, April 19, which will give fans the chance to own exclusive artwork associated with History in the makingcombined with personalized digital benefits and rewards.

“This first NFT collection is a snapshot in time, highlighting and paying homage to some of my most significant accomplishments at this point in my career,” shares Young MA. ” This is my story. My approach to merchandise aligns with my presentation of my artwork and visuals – confident. I love undertaking unique merchandising partnerships, diversifying beyond a standard t-shirt or hoodie. This NFT collection continues on this line, allowing me to express myself so that my supporters, whom I call THE MAB, are truly part of my story. Expression through clothing and accessories is key to showing the world you ride with me, digitally and IRL.

This capsule includes the NFT digital artworks themselves, as well as bespoke mobile wallpapers, access to an exclusive Q&A with the artist, behind-the-scenes photos from their camera roll, and a first listen to Young MA’s latest single, full details to be announced shortly.

The five NFT drops that are part of this capsule are based on iconic moments and/or tracks from Young MA’s journey, including Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle, Ooouuu, Petty Wap, History in the making first album and Hello Baby.

Serenade is an eco-friendly NFT platform producing 1/44,000th the carbon emitted by a standard NFT (a tenth of the power consumption of a tweet) using a “Proof of Stake” authentication method. “Much more efficient than a direct “proof of work” approach to Ethereum and eliminates costly “gas” fees, prohibitive costs that can be a major barrier to entry for anyone wanting to create affordable NFTs.

Purchases are made with a credit or debit card through the innovative Serenade payment system which has been designed to work like a standard e-commerce shopping cart, where creating a digital wallet and transferring traditional payments to crypto- currency are managed directly by the platform. .

Fans join a community of like-minded music lovers, rest assured they’re not harming the environment, access affordable digital collectibles, and do it all without knowing the first thing about technology NFT.